Since 2003 Sports and Media Rights International (SMRI) has been advising Hotels, Pubs, Nightclubs, Broadcasters, Retail premises indeed anywhere that provides music and sports programming  to their clients, and  identifies where savings can be made.

We deal directly on your behalf with IMRO, PPI, Sky, MPLC etc. and therefore very little of your time is taken up dealing with these issues after our initial review with you. To date we have saved our clients well over one million euros annually.

SMRI will carry out an analysis of the amounts you are being charged for music and sports and ensure that you are only paying the correct amounts based on your actual usage. We can also identify more cost effective alternatives.

In these very uncertain times for the hospitality industry  as a result of this pandemic, keeping costs down  is very important.  

We are associate members of the Irish Hotels Federation(IHF) and the Licensed Vintners Association (LVA)  and the Vintners Federation of Ireland recommend our services to their members.

Virtually all businesses  reopening after  Covid 19  will be due significant refunds and credits from IMRO ,PPI & Sky. SMRI can secure all of these refunds and credits for you and ensure that your charges going forward are kept to a minimum. We also do all the work so very little of your time is taken up so you can concentrate on your business.

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With over 25 years of experience in Music and Sports rights SMRI are best placed to provide clear advice to our customers with regard to music and sports rights charges  which can be an area that creates confusion in the hospitality industry

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We will review your IMRO ,PPI , Sky and MPLC charges and ensure that only the appropriate charges are applied. 

Annual reviews start from as little as €125 per annum.

Business Meeting


Ensuring that only the appropriate charges apply throughout the year and that none of you or your teams time is taken up with such issues. On average over 10 hours of a companies time is spent dealing with IMRO, PPI, Sky and MPLC.



Important Notice regarding Sky Services

Sky Business Ireland have suspended all commercial sky sports until at least the 6th April  2021.

This will result in a suspension of services so Sky Sports will no longer be available to view.

For premises that wish to keep Sky Sports available for their customers they can call Sky.

Alternatively we can contact Sky on your behalf, all we will need is for you to email the two pages of your Sky Sports invoice to us at and we will make sure service is restored.

This service is free of charge to IHF, VFI and LVA members. 

Please note that as a result of closure's and reduced turnover your Sky charges  need to be reviewed to ensure the appropriate credits and reduction in charges have been applied.

SMRI we believe are best placed to do this for you.

So for a free consultation to discuss our process and fees   please call us on 086 814 6570, email  or contact us on our website at



As a result of the various opening and closures that have taken place in the hospitality industry it is more important now then ever for  charges to IMRO ,PPI, Sky,  MPLC etc.  to be reviewed.

In most cases premises will be due significant credits and we can ensure that only the appropriate charges apply.

Our Charge will be based on what services your require however we will spread payments over a 12 month period and not  expect any  payments unless your premises is open for business. 

We will review all charges, credits, refunds due   etc and ensure that you are only charged appropriately so none of your time is taken up with such matters and you can concentrate  on when your business  reopens.






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